Suggested Online Viewing: Amazing Mr. X AKA The Spiritualist

30 March 2009

This week, VCI Entertainment releases “Classic Film Noir, Vol. 3”. One of the films included is Bernard Vorhaus’s 1948 thriller, Amazing Mr. X (released in the UK as The Spiritualist). The film was

photographed by the brilliant and eccentric John Alton, one of the seminal stylists of film noir. “It’s not what you light,” Alton once observed. “It’s what you don’t light.”….

“Mr. X” is a gothic thriller starring the Austrian actor Turhan Bey, who brings all his exotic charm (Turkish father, Czech mother) to the role of a fraudulent psychic consultant attempting to draw a wealthy young widow (Lynn Bari) into his clutches.

The New York Times, March 29, 2009

Though Mr. Alton’s work won’t be seen to its best advantage, you can watch the film online at a few sources–I watched it in QuickTime at the Internet Movie Archive site.  Check it (or any of the many other options there) out. (Click onto sidebar link On-Line Viewing Options: Moving Image Archive and search for “Amazing Mr. X”).


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