More Suggested On-Line Viewing: El sexto sentido (The Sixth Sense)

3 April 2009

The Europa Film Treasures site is still new; it has a modest number of films on-demand right now, but is well worth checking out.

I picked out a film I knew nothing about: a silent 1929 Spanish film, El sexo sentido (The Sixth Sense)–and thoroughly enjoyed it.


The film was recently screened by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Here is their description:

The waves of avant-garde cinema that swept across Europe in the ’20s had a lesser impact in Spain, Buñuel and Dali notwithstanding. One remarkable exception was architect Nemesio Sobrevila’s The Sixth Sense.

Carlos takes his chronically depressed friend León to the mysterious Professor Kamus, who demonstrates his latest invention, The Sixth Sense, a super-camera that captures images from anywhere and everywhere. During his “projection-therapies,” León chances upon some images of Carlos’s girlfriend Carmen that makes him suspect she’s not being totally honest.

Part breezy Lubitsch-style comedy, part meditation on how to derive meaning from images, The Sixth Sense is a delightful, unexpected gem.

To link to the site, click onto “Europa Film Treasures” under “On-Line Viewing Options” on the sidebar.


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