Saviours Screens 4/30 on SUNY Oswego Campus

27 April 2009

The Irish documentary Saviours will be screened on Thursday, April 30 at 7 PM in Room P322 in SUNY Oswego’s Campus Center. (There is no charge for admission).

(Room P322 is in the Poucher wing of the Campus Center. That’s on the far right of the complex. There are several entrances to the Center: on the left side, the center, and the right side.  Room P322 is one flight up and just across the hall from where Frozen River was screened.)

‘Saviours’ is the directorial debut of Liam Nolan and Ross Whitaker, two Dublin filmmakers who came together to produce a 25-minute documentary but realised they could gather enough material for a feature film. Filming then took place over the following two years but with no budget.

Set in St Saviours Olympic Boxing Academy…, in the heart of Dublin’s north inner city, the film follows the fortunes of three boxers whose fights come in and outside the ring.

Abdul Hussain is originally from Ghana but is seeking asylum in Ireland because he fears for this life should he return to his native country….

Dean Murphy is the local lad trying to make good….He has the talent and ambition to make a good career from the sport, but he needs to overcome injury and the distractions of working class life.

Before Darren Sutherland was winning Olympic medals and being pursued by the sport’s top promoters, he was a young Dublin lad trying to combine college life with a promising amateur boxing career…..

The fighters are coached and cajoled by their wily, humorous trainers, brothers Jim and Pat McCormack. Both were champions in their heyday and have been passing on their knowledge to generations of local lads for over 30 years. They treat the fighters as family: they are upset by Darren’s lack on interest; take Abdul to their heart and treat Dean as one of their own sons….. (Glenn Mason, RTÉ Entertainment)

The film has been judged “a small wonder…The film is raw and deglossed. But it contains riches….’Saviours’ is the kind of film-making that bottles inspiration and itself is the product of such. If this is what impoverished fim-making can do, then bring it on.” [Paul Lynch, (Irish) Tribune Arts]

In my favorite flipside to screaming hyperbolic film blurbs, there’s this:

Entertaining and honest, ‘Saviours’ fails to disappoint. (Gavin Burke, Entertainment.ie)



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