Horror (With the Best Intentions): Shaun Luu HorrorFest, 6/13

10 June 2009

Attending the Palace Theatre for an evening of Sergio Leone’s Clint Eastwood westerns (Eastwood in Eastwood?), we realized this was another Syracuse movie venue we should note. (Spotted in the audience: OFG founder Jon Peck). This was a Brew & View evening (Saranac and Middle Ages beers on sale) with a discount for even a half-hearted attempt to dress in western or Civil War garb. Interestingly, the evening was sponsored by a local lodge of the Masons, who distributed literature on Freemasonry.

We also spotted fliers for this weekend’s Shaun Luu HorrorFest 2009. The festival (in its fifth year) raises money for University Hospital and the Golisano Children’s Hospital in memory of Shaun who was part of the city’s hardcore scene until his death from brain cancer at age 23. On Friday, the 13th, the festival will screen eight films (in 35 mm, if available) at the Palace Theatre. The following day, more than a dozen bands will be playing at the Wescott.

For more information, visit the Palace Theatre’s website (www.palacetheatresyracuse.com) and http://www.youtube.com/ShaunLuuHorrorFest


from one of the scheduled films, Dario Argento’s Deep Red (1975)


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