Upcoming Fall Film Programs in Syracuse

17 September 2009

The Palace Theatre continues its Brew and View series:

Sept 18: Jaws, The Birds

Sept 25: Giant Gila Monster, Jurassic Park, Alligator

Oct 9: The Blob (1988 re-make), Nightmare City (aka City of the Walking Dead), Night of the Creeps

Oct 23:  Repo Man, Rock N’ Roll High School, Wizard of Gore (HG Lewis version)

For more info, please visit the Palace’s website (see the Links sidebar).


The Syracuse Cinephile Society presents its Hollywood finds at 7:30 PM on Mondays at the Spaghetti Warehouse (680 N Clinton St):

Sep 21: Bulldog Drummond (1929); Sept 28: College Holiday (1936); Oct 5: 13 Hours by Air (1936); Oct 12: White Heat (1949); Oct 19: Tin Pan Alley (1940); Oct 26: Mark of the Vampire (1935) and Murders in the Zoo (1933)


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