KT Auleta on the SUNY Oswego Campus, 4/12

6 April 2010

This short contributor bio of KT Auleta appeared in The New York Times in February:

In Paris, circa 2003, KT Auleta dropped off her photo portfolio at the offices of the avant-garde fashion magazine Self Service. Six months later, she got the call — and a 20-page assignment. Not bad for a self-taught photographer. (If a friend hadn’t given her a Yashica, she might still be performing in a noise band today.) These days she shoots routinely for V, Dazed & Confused, AnOther Man and Russian Vogue…. ”I like the disposability of fashion,” she says. ”You don’t get attached.” Auleta just completed ”Runaround,” a short film ”about a slutty American girl growing up in a small town,” which she’s now sending to film festivals.

KT Auleta will screen Runaround (filmed here in her hometown, Oswego) on the SUNY Oswego campus at 4 PM on Monday, April 12 in the Campus Center Auditorium. In the meantime, check out Ms Auleta’s website (http://ktauleta.com/)


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