OFG’s Halloween Double Feature: 10/25/10

10 October 2010

On  Monday, October 25 we’ll be getting in a Halloween state of mind with a double feature that starts at 6:30 PM in the Community Room of the Oswego Public Library.

We’ll be screening the British suspense/horror classic Night of the Demon (1957), directed by Jacques Tourneur. When director Martin Scorsese selected his picks for the “11 Scariest Horror Movies” for the website The Daily Beast, he included this film, noting that “Tourneur made this picture about ancient curses near the end of his career, but it’s as potent as his films for Val Lewton. Forget the demon itself—again, it’s what you don’t see that’s so powerful.”

We’ll also be rescreening our May 2009 presentation, Let the Right One In. Because the American remake of the film, Let Me In, is currently in theaters, the time seemed right to revisit the Swedish original, released in 2008.

Note: Anyone planning on seeing just our second feature, Let the Right One In, should arrive by 7:45 PM; library doors close at 8 PM.


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