World Cinema Foundation Festival Highlights “Limite”

10 November 2010

Here’s an update on Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation. (We’ve written about the organization and linked to its website). The Foundation’s 2010 film festival in New York is highlighting a Brazilian film long admired and long missing: Limite.

The French film critic Georges Sadoul called it ‘an unknown masterpiece’ and once flew all the way to Brazil, in vain, in hopes of seeing a complete version. Orson Welles, in Brazil in the early 1940s to make a movie of his own, did view it in its entirety and pronounced the experience ‘fabulous.’ More recently, both David Bowie and Caetano Veloso have also promoted it. (from “Brazil’s Best, Restored and Ready for a 21st-Century Audience”, The New York Times, 11/10/10; see link below).


We’ve added a link (under Online Viewing Options) to MUBI; there you’ll find several World Cinema Foundation films you can view for free).


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