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Celebrating HMPL

29 June 2011

The legendary short film Heavy Metal Parking Lot was on an OFG double bill with Anvil! The Story of Anvil in 2009. Here’s a nice piece on NPR’s music blog with background by one of the filmmakers, our friend Jeff Krulik,

John Heyn and Jeff Krulik, the guys who made "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"

and links to the film and some where-are-they-now material. Enjoy.

NPR Music Blog — Heavy Metal Parking Lot: Waste 16 Minutes…

And speaking of where-are-they-now material, here’s a look at one HMPL character’s trip from heavy metal to Hasidim.

TBD Arts: From \’Heavy Metal Parking Lot\’ to Hasidism


Slate’s Hollywood Career-O-Matic

8 June 2011

Interesting Slate article on Rotten Tomatoes–they looked at the trends through the years in the RT ratings of movies, actors, and directors–starting with the spectacular nosedive of M. Night Shyamalan’s directorial career. They’ve also provided a section when you can type in a name and see the output ratings graphed for careers from ’85 to today (that’s the Hollywood Career-O-Matic). Check it out. (Thanks, Barefoot Jim!)

Slate\’s Hollywood Career-O-Matic