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OFG Presents “Of Gods and Men” 10/12/11

4 October 2011

\”Of Gods and Men\” trailer

OFG continues its Best of the Festivals series with the 2010 Cannes Film Festival Grand Prize winner for Best Film, Of Gods and Men. The film will be shown at 6:45 PM in the Community Room of the Oswego Public Library (120 East Second Street) Wednesday, October 12. A question and answer session and discussion will follow the screening (which is free and open to the public).

The film was inspired by real events in the 1990s.

Lambert Wilson plays Christian, the head of a Cistercian monastery in Algeria: a spartan order devoted to contemplation and prayer. Their community has developed a happy relationship with the local Muslim villagers, based partly on the free outpatient clinic they provide. They have a quiet, supportive respect for each other’s traditions. But dark forces are gathering: intolerant jihadist forces have already murdered Croatian construction workers, and are rumoured to have the Catholic monks in their sights as the ultimate prize…. The monks must now decide: should they stay or should they go? Is going cowardice? Is staying arrogance? Is martyrdom their destiny? (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, December 2, 2010)

The film was directed by Xavier Beauvois. Of Gods and Men, in French and Arabic, runs 120 minutes and is rated PG-13. The film’s website is